ATROPHIA by Rupert Cefai

20th May to 10th June 2022

During his regular visits to Wied Qirda in Δ¦aΕΌ-Ε»ebbuΔ‘ (Malta) and after a period of heavy storms, the artist Rupert Cefai couldn't help but notice the destructive effect water had on this environment. Although water is a necessity for life, like everything else, too much of it also has its downfall.Β  This destructive process has inspired the artist to produce a body of abstract works which will be exhibited in this solo exhibition titled ATROPHIA.

The exhibition is being held at Christine X Art Gallery between 20th May and 10th June 2022. Β 

'When The Will Subsides' by Rupert Cefai. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.Β